M. Sinan Dereli Elementary School

A site in Kocaeli belonging to Seka was assigned for a 24 class primary school and a 20 class high school buildings to be constructed as a donation by an industrialist family.
Building programme includes classrooms, laboratories, library and administrative units of primary school and high school programmes. Besides these two schools have separate cafeterias, a sports hall with an independent entrance and a nursery school. On this relatively small site for this dense programme, the necessity of ensuring the balance between open and closed spaces has led to a compact design. The nursery school that forms a whole within itself was kept on a separate block.
In planning; 3.60m modules and its multiples are used and a flexible solution is obtained without over loading the structure. The primary school and high school solved in different blocks are bound together with the library on second floor at east and the single floor cafeteria block at western side. Inner courtyard closed to the north is reserved for primary school students and the open space on the south of the complex is for high school students. Classrooms are placed in north and south directions. They lead to common circulation and break areas that use inner gardens for ventilation and for natural lighting.
Generally, durable materials in terms of operating and maintenance are specially chosen. Façades of school are veneered with brick that provides a warm appearance and doesn’t need additional care in later stages.

Project Information

Location: Izmit, Turkey
Size: 9,000m²
Employer: Sinan Dereli
Project Date: 2013
Build Date: 2013
Services Provided: Preliminary Project, Permit project, Application Project


2010's, Educational