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Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership



We are founded in 1954 by Dogan Tekeli and Sami Sisa. Through the years, our accomplishments lead us to be one of the most established architectural practices active in Turkey. Today we carry on with a new partnership structure maintaining our design approach. We aim to create unique, contemporary and efficient architecture. It is our basic principle that the buildings we create evolve into a timeless piece of architecture, being a part of the public culture and the living of the individual.


Architecture is not the result. It is the process.

Design Process

In our design process, we come to a conclusion through many design trials and discusssions with the employer. Forward steps are made thinking, drawing sketches, constructing models. Taking feedback from the employer at every stage of work, a main approach is established. We follow an evolving design process that matures over time and we aim for a building that prioritizes the user’s needs.

Building as a Living Space

We shape our design processes by aiming high living standards in the building. We evaluate all possible life scenarios and steer our design accordingly.  While doing this, we do not ignore construction and management economy. Therefore, our design approach aims to maintain the harmony of building and human being, while responding to user requirements.

Environment and Sustainability

In our era, the concept of sustainability has gained prominence with the increase of the demands from the building and the environment, while the resources are getting more and more limited every day. We provide designs where resources used are renewable and provide high energy efficiency as much as possible. With conscientious resource management, we believe that our intrusion to the fragile environment will be more limited. Also, we intend the formal design to keep up with passing years to be still attractive, contemporary with appealing visual qualities.


A successful and competent building design can only exist if form and function complement each other. The form, as a product of our design, should match with the environmental and contextual characteristics. However, this quality does not mean innovative solutions will not be sought. In order to achieve appealing and innovative solutions, we experiment with light, shadow and texture. We try to avoid trendy forms vulnerable to the aging effects of time. Instead we are seeking an architectural language that cannot be worn out by time and introduction of new trends.



Doğan Tekeli

Founder, Honorary President, M. Arch. (PhD)

Born in Isparta in 1929. Having graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture with the title High Architect Engineer in 1952, Doğan Tekeli worked in Izmir Municipality Project Office.
Founded SITE Architecture Office in 1954 with Sami Sisa. This company maintains its existence today with the name Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership. Besides his freelance architecture practices in this firm, Doğan Tekeli, worked as an advisor with Sami Sisa in the preparation of the Konak Complex project in Izmir Municipality in 1955, worked as a research assistant in the Academy of Fine Arts in 1956, worked as a lecturer in architectural studios in ITU Technical School Department of Architecture between the years 1961-1971, was the president of the Chamber of Architects for a while in 1957 and was a member of the Municipality of Metropolitan Istanbul Advisory Committee between 1985-1989. He took part as jury member in the International Arab Union General Center project competition in 1984, was elected for the Ataturk Culture Language and History Superior Foundation National Committee membership in 1988, participated in the Aga Khan Architecture Prize Jury in 1992 and took part in the administative committee of the same foundation in 1994-1995. He was granted with the Chamber of Architects National Architecture Prize in 1994. He was given honorary doctoral title by Istanbul Technical University in the year 2000.
Some of his works were exhibited in the Venice Biennale in 1982. He has professional articles, seminar papers and conferences. His works and projects have been published in numerous publications in the domain of exterior and interior architecture. He won more than 60 prizes including 27 first prizes in the architectural project competitions that he participated with Sami Sisa. He has more than 180 projects 114 of which had been constructed. He has published the English-Turkish book that contained the first twenty- year-long section of his works named “D.Tekeli- S. Sisa, Projeler, Uygulamalar, 1954-1974 (Architectural Works, 1954-1974)” and the book named “Projeler, Yapılar, Doğan Tekeli-Sami Sisa” (1994).
He is married and is the father of one child.

Sami Sisa  (1929 – 2000)


Founder, M. Arch.

Born in Istanbul in 1929. Worked in the planning department of Istanbul Municipality after having graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1952. Founded SITE Architecture Office in 1954 with Doğan Tekeli and worked as an advisor in the preparation of the Konak Complex projects in Izmir Municipality in 1955. Expanded his professional knowledge and experience afterwards by working in the offices of Arieh Sharon in Israel and Rolland Rohn in Switzerland. He acted as jury member in numerous national competitions at various occasions. He won more than 60 prizes including 27 first prizes in the architectural project competitions that he participated with Doğan Tekeli. He is the owner of 165 projects, 98 of which has been constructed. Some of his works were exhibited in the Venice Biennale in 1982. Besides articles published in numerous journals and books, his works have been printed in two monographs. (Published “D.Tekeli- S. Sisa, Projeler, Uygulamalar, 1954-1974 (Architectural Works, 1954-1974)” which contained the first twenty- year-long section of his works and “Projeler, Uygulamalar, 1954-1994″.) Was granted with the chamber of Architects National Architecture Grand Prize in 1994. Sami Sisa, being married and the father of one child, died in December 2000.
dilgün_saklar (3)

Dilgün Saklar


Partner, M. Arch.

Completed her primary and secondary education in Ankara and her higher education in Istanbul Çamlıca High School. Graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts Department of Architecture in 1979.
Started to work in Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa architecture office in 1979. Worked as a project manager in the firm uninterrupted up to the year 2004. Joined partnership with the reconstitution of the firm as Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership in 2004.
Prepared for publication the book “Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa, Projeler – Yapılar, 1954 -1994″ that has been printed by YEM Publications.
Member of ÇEDBİK and Istanbul SMD.

Mehmet Emin Çakırkaya


Partner, M. Arch.

Born in Istanbul in 1968. Completed his secondary and higher education in Istanbul Private American Robert College. Graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture, Architecture Department in 1991. Won Emin Onat Architecture Prize and YEM Outstanding Architecture Student Prize during his architecture education. Completed his masters on the topic “Architecture of Tourism and Tourism Buildings” in 1993 at the same department. Worked as a research assistant in ITU Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Design Department between the years 1993 -1995. Started to work as a project manager in Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa Architecture Ltd. Company in 1995. Joined partnership with the reconstitution of the firm as Tekeli-Sisa Architecture Partnership in 2004. Has been a partner of Çakırkaya Construction Company since 2000. Founding member of Istanbul Salacak Rotary Club which was founded in 2000. Married to his colleague Yeşim Çakırkaya since 1993 and has one child.

Nedim Sisa


Former Partner (2004 – 2011) M. Arch.

Born in 1969 in Istanbul. Graduated from ESA (Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture) as an architect in 1994. Completed his masters on the topic “Middle Eastern Cities” (Villes Orientales) in EAPB (Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville) in 1995. After his graduation worked in the offices of Roland Simounet and Christian Devillers and ran his freelance architecture work in the office he founded together with Michel Gourion. Between 1996 and 1998 worked as project manager in the office of E. De Portzamparc. Returned to Istanbul in 1998 and started to work independently. In 2004, started work as a partner in Tekeli-Sisa Architecture. In 1999 he was granted “Palmarès départemental de l’architecture et de l’aménagement de la Manche” award for the Guilloux Matériaux Showroom; in 2002 he was granted, Tour Eiffel award given by ESA for his work Le Gast Dam Engineers’ Club. His works in France have been published in local and international architecture magazines. Has taken part as a jury member in Çuhadaroğlu Alu 2005 student competition and in Ankara French Cultural Center Restoration Architectural Project competition.



Münevver Antczak

Project Manager, M. Arch.


Nuray Uygur

Project Manager, M. Arch.


Mehtap Eray

Project Manager, Architect


Ceylan Cöbek


ceren erman

Ceren Erman



Aydın Bilgi

M. Architect


Begüm Ülker


melis kocamanoglu

Nazlı Melis Kocamanoğlu

M. Architect

oznur ceylan

Öznur Emin Ceylan



Hüsne Cavlak

Interior Designer


Alper Gürtekin

M. Architect


Serra Özgüle

M. Architect


Tuğçe Torunlar



Yücel Kaplaner



The work of Tekeli Sisa Architectural Partnership has been internationally recognized for design excellence, by various award programs such as International Property Awards, World Architecture Festival and European Convention for Constructional Steelwork .

Recent Awards & Competitions

2014  Turkish Structural Steelwork Association Awards Architectural Design AwardPristina International Airport Terminal Building
2011   International Property Awards Best International Public Services Development – World Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport The New Terminal Building
2011   International Property Awards Best Public Services Development – EuropeIstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport The New Terminal Building
2011   International Property Awards Best Public Services Development – TurkeyIstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport The New Terminal Building
2011   ECCS-CECM-EKS European Steel Design Award 1st PlacementNew Terminal Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Istanbul Turkey
2010  World Architecture Festival Awards ShortlistSabiha Gökçen Airport New Terminal Building
2010  Turkish Association of Architects In Private Practice Honorary AwardDoğan Tekeli
2008  YTONG Architectural Design Competition 2nd PrizeAvrupa Tem Konutları
2003  Union of Turkish Prefabrication 2000 – 2003 Performance AwardDoğan Tekeli
1994  Chamber of Architects IV. National Archtectural Grand Awards Mimar Sinan Grand AwardDoğan Tekeli
1994  Chamber of Architects IV. National Archtectural Grand Awards Mimar Sinan Grand AwardSami Sisa
For a full list of all awards download pdf here.



Doğan Tekeli, Mimarlık Zor Sanat

Yapı Kredi Yayınevi

Doğan Tekeli, Cumartesi Buluşmaları

Mimarlar Odası İstanbul BK Şubesi Yayınları

Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa

Boyut Yayın Grubu, Çağdaş Türkiye Mimarları Dizisi

Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa Projeler, Yapılar

Yem Yayınları

Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa
Projeler-Uygulamalar 1954 – 1974

Apa Ofset Yayınevi

Tekeli – Sisa

Selected Essays

“Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı” (Sabiha Gökçen Airport)   Yapı, 344, July 2010, pp.54-61
“Sabiha Gökçen Havaalanı Yeni Dış Hatlar Terminali ve Kapalı Otoparkı” (Sabiha Gökçen Airport, New International Passenger Terminal and Parking)  Raf Ürün Dergisi, No:28, September 2010, pp. 129-145
“TSMD Mimarlık Ödülleri 2010 Sahiplerini Buldu, Onur Ödülü Doğan Tekeli – Sami Sisa” (TSMD Architectural Awards 2010; Winners Announced, Honor Award Goes to Doğan Tekeli-Sami Sisa)   Serbest Mimar, 06- 07, September 2011, pp.10
“Sabiha Gokcen International Airport – The New Terminal Building Istanbul”   European Steel Design Awards, 2011, pp. 32-33
“Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership”   Property Summit Europe 2011, 22/23 September 2011, pp. 22
“Sabiha Gökçen’e Uluslararası Platformda İki Ödül Birden” (Two Awards to Sabiha Gökçen on International Platforms)   Terminal, No:80, November 2011, pp.72-74
“Selenium Residence, Metrocity, İşbank Towers, Rumeli Fortress, S. Gökçen Int. Airport, Tekeli-Sisa Architecture Partnership”   İstanbul Architecture, 2013, pp.154,171,173,188,243,271
“Priştina Uluslararası Havalimanı Adem Jashari Yeni Terminal Binası” (Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari New Terminal Building)   Yapı, 386, January 2014, pp. 93,102,122,124
“Tekeli, D., 2014′ün Mimari Dökümü” (The Architectural Inventory of 2014)   IAN. Mimari, No 5, January 2015, pp.12
“Tekeli, D., Yapı 400 – 1973′ten Geleceğe Mimarlık” (Architecture to the Future from 1973)   Yapı, 400, March 2015, pp.101
“Söyleşi; Özgen, P., Saklar, D., Çakırkaya, M., Türk Mimarlığının Kilometre Taşlarından Biri” (A Milestone of Turkish Architecture)   IAN. Mimari, No 9, May 2015, pp.10-12
For a full list of all publications download pdf here.


Tekeli Sisa

Architectural Partnership



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